Books by Bernard O'Keeffe

Ten Things To Do Before
You Leave School
By Bernard O'Keeffe

Ruby became depressed after her father died from a heart attack. Now she's about to go back to school and she's worried. Will the depression return? Can she make it through her final year?
The night before her return she finds an envelope addressed to her from her father. Inside is a list: Ten Things I Hope You Do Before You Leave School.
She doesn't understand why her dad would even want her to do these things or if she's able to do them. But she decides to give the list her best shot and her efforts lead her into strange situations and surprising discoveries. 


No Regrets
By Bernard O'Keeffe

What would happen if you accepted every invitation that came your way in a year? Rick is about to find out.
His wife of 25 years has just left him for another man and Rick is wracked with self-doubt. He takes on a drunken challenge to say yes to every invitation he gets for a year. Any invitation. No Excuses. No Regrets.



Five-star reviews for No Regrets by Bernard O'Keeffe

John Carey (Sunday Times chief book reviewer, ex-chair of Booker Prize)

“Read it straight off in two sittings, and was really gripped. I think it’s tremendously good – lovely use of dialogue and suppressed dialogue throughout, very humane, very sure touch with characters – especially the young ones. Gripping, heartening, a captivating read.”

John Harding (book reviewer for The Mail and The Mail on Sunday)

"I read this extremely funny and affecting book in a couple of sittings. What’s especially good is that the idea of having to accept every invitation no matter what is so well developed as a plot mechanism through the ingenious situations O’Keeffe comes up with, all completely credible."

Terence Blacker

I thoroughly recommend Bernard O’Keeffe’s novel No Regrets – funny, humane, perceptive.

Richmond Magazine

“A hilarious, rollicking ride…Give it a go. Rest assured you will have no regrets.”